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roppin Ducks in Decoys “Deke” was a dream come true for Jon-Michael Rull when he received him in 2006 as a 5-year anniversary present from his wife. It had taken him that long to convince her to get a puppy and what started as an interest in having a good hunting dog and friend, turned into an obsession with the retriever world in the form of training, tests and competitions.

    Deke is a high drive, intelligent soul all wrapped up in a small package. At 65 pounds of pure muscle, he doesn’t let his compact size stop him from tearing up water and land scenarios. But it’s not all about speed with him. Primarily amateur-trained, he has very high trainability and a strong desire to please. He is a big team player and takes whatever you throw at him in stride. Confident in the field, he also extremely enjoys hunting waterfowl and pheasants. However his hard-charging approach in the field transforms when he enters the home. He is the perfect house dog in size and manners. He’ll take affection when offered but is also content to lay on his pillow.

     Deke is good at many different types of scenarios. His accomplishments include:


    In 2008 Jon-Michael and Deke went seven for eight in the UKC/HRC hunt test season. Within 4 months they earned his Hunting Retriever title and received three passes towards his Hunting Retriever Champion title. He received his HRCH title in April 2009 — just two months shy of his third birthday.

   In May 2009, Jon-Michael and Deke ran their first HRC International Grand Hunt Test in Alexandria, SD. They made it perfectly all the way through to the last series where questionably handler or dog error caused them to fail the last test. But in October in Union City, TN professional trainer Chris Jobman of Flatlander Kennels ran Deke and got his first Grand pass. Then April 2010, Jon-Michael & Deke ran the test in Jackson, Louisiana and got their first Grand pass together – Deke's second pass. June 4, 2010 Deke & Jon-Michael passed the final Finished test needed for his 300 points – and received his Grand title at just 4 years, 2 weeks old.


   Deke went 5 for 6 for his Master title (only missing a perfect run because of scratching one test, due to overheating)! He earned his title one week after his 4th birthday, May 2010.

   In June 2009, Jon-Michael & Deke ran their first field trial QAA and made it all the way to the last series. We were pleased for our little "hunt test" dog.

Super Retriever Series

   In March 2009 professional trainer Chris Jobman of Flatlander Kennels ran Deke in his first Super Retriever Series. At 2-1/2 years old Deke had a great showing and made it to the semi-finals. He ended up 16th out of 74 dogs.

   Jon-Michael & Deke made it to the semi-finals in the amateur division at the Super Retriever Series in Grand Island, Nebraska and came away with 8th place in September 2009. Chris Jobman took Deke to the Hunstville, AL Super Retriever Series in October 2009 and they made it to the finals, receiving 4th place.

   That made Deke's 3rd Super Retriever Series in 7 months, placing in the semi-finals twice and the finals once!

Gone But Not Forgotten

   On November 10, 2015 Deke unexpectedly passed away in his sleep. He'd never been sick a day in his life and was a hard charger til that sad morning. He had trained just a day before. While he's greatly missed every day, we were lucky enough to have one breeding with the litter of seven born just six months before on May 5. We have two of the males as our own personal dogs and look forward to their accomplishments. But no matter how well they do, no one will ever hold a candle to our Deke.


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