I was born and raised in the cornfields of Illinois, growing up at my mother’s small weekly newspaper office. I got a taste for all aspects of the newspaper world, from writing to designing, selling to billing. But I decided journalism was the path for me.

   After graduating from Eastern Illinois University with a BA in journalism and a minor in English I got married and moved to Idaho. I took the only job available at the weekly paper there – in ad sales. I was soon promoted to manager but really enjoyed designing the ads for my customers more than selling it to them.

   When we were transferred to Alaska I took a chance to get hired at the Anchorage Daily News as a graphic designer. I was promoted to senior designer within 16 months. I knew I had found the right career for me. When we moved to South Dakota I looked into a graphic designer job at the newspaper there and was soon an employee at the Rapid City Journal. While there I was privileged to learn some basic skills using Flash.

   Suddenly life came full circle and we were transferred back home to those Illinois cornfields. I came back to the newspaper office I started in and designing on the side. And they say you can't go home again!

   I pride myself on customer service and I will work hard for the results you desire. Please contact me if you have any questions.