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Dyna Glide BWDX
October 24, 2000 – February 19, 2009

Memorial to Dyna
by Rick Morrison, Dyna's owner

   As we travel on our journey of life we have many friends that join us during the trip. Eight years ago Dyna joined me along this path. When I found her it was more like she found me. She was one of nine puppies. My first meeting with her she picked me out of the crowd. I was standing near her pin watching all the little ones play as young pups do. She was the only one that would come to me and stay with me. All the other pups would get distracted and go on playing with their other brothers and sisters. I remember holding her in one hand. She was so small that she would fit within my right hand very comfortably and seemed to love being there. From our first time together she started by falling asleep with her head in my hand. For eight years she gave me the love that only a true friend can give. She always loved me and never got mad at me. She forgave me when I was wrong and encouraged me when I was down. All she wanted to do was to please me and spend time with me. Nothing was more important to her then being with me no matter what we were doing. She never gave up on me.

    Yesterday she died. She left the same way she came into my life. Her head was in my hand as she took her last breath. She looked at me still wanting to please and be with me. I’m thankful for the love, time and dedication she gave me. I was given a note from another friend that said, “ It always hurts to say goodbye to the ones we love but we never have to say goodbye to their memories.” I will remember how she changed my life, always loved me, how she could live for the moment and help me enjoy that time with her. She made everything a little better because she was with me. I said goodbye to her yesterday but hold her memories in my heart forever.


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