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2012 News

July 7, 2012

   The guys ended the disappointing hunting season in January. We've already ran three hunt tests – Mississippi Valley HRC near Dubuque, Iowa, Illinois River HRC near Peoria and Mississippi Flyway HRC near Macomb, Illinois. It's nice to meet people in the area after we didn't run any area tests last year. It's also amazing to find people we already knew before. It really is a small dog world! It's nice to see Deke's still "got it" too with six passes and to get his name out there. We're always looking for breeding possibilities. Deke is getting close to 500 points. Just one or two passes more.
  But the main reason for the increase in tests, after Deke doesn't exactly need to run more HRC tests, is Jon-Michael is training some friends' dogs. The end of February he started training two young black females: Teal to her started title and Blaze to her seasoned title. They went home for a month and now we just got them back today to start training for the next level with the first test being at the end of August. Plus we picked up another black Lab (yes we're partial to them), but this one a male named Stihl. He already has his started title but we'll be polishing him up for the hunting season and possibly a run at a seasoned title later in the year.
  With all the dogs JM's been training for friends, we needed a way to haul them to training grounds and tests so we bought a six hole Ainley trailer from all the way in Dallas, Texas. Jon-Michael just got back from giving a dog training seminar in LeCleir, Iowa and he thinks the trailer works out pretty nice!


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