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2008 News

September 12-15, 2008
Super Retriever Series – Grand Island, Nebraska

   We traveled down to Grand Island, Nebraska to watch the Super Retriever Series. One of the things that turned us on to getting a dog and running hunt tests was because of the SRS episodes on TV. We were excited to finally get to see one in person. Not only that but our friend Chris Jobman of Flatlander Kennels was running so we had someone to cheer on. We met a ton of nice people and made a lot of new friends.
   On Sunday we got the honor to run test dog for the semi-finals and finals! Deke did well in his duties of SRS test dog "extraordinaire"!  Especially considering it's was a couple levels above his pay grade! The handler (me)…………maybe was a little bit nervous but we did well.  Thanks goes out to Chris Jobman of Flatlander Kennels for volunteering or volun-tolding us to run as test dog. And also congrats on getting a dog to the Crown!

September 6 & 7, 2008
Land of Lakes Retriever Club— St. Croix Minnesota

   We were trying to finish up Deke's Hunting Retriever Championship title this weekend. The tests the judges set-up were very meaty but fair.  He had some problems on Saturday and I ended up picking him up on the line due to him being a little excited (jacked up – lost his freaking mind)!  Then on Sunday we came to the line and I had a completely different attitude out of him – Go figure, right!? He ended up with a pass that day.  But all and all we had a good time.  The judges passed 22 out of 87 dogs for the weekend.  So if you got a ribbon this weekend you have one heck of a nice dog.  We will finish up his title next year as there will be no other tests for the season. We finished the season 7 for 8 so couldn't be too disappointed with that. 

August 9 & 10, 2008
Platte Valley Hunting Retriever Club — Platteville, CO

   Deke ran his first Finished hunt tests this weekend. He received passes on both days. Halfway to his finished title! It was really nice going to the line and being over prepared. So far he is six for six in HRC events. We could not be happier!! We are going to try for two more in Minnesota in September at the Land of Lakes HRC club. That way he'll get his finished title this year and at the age of 27 months.

   See the videos & the photos here.

June 21 & 22, 2008
Panhandle Hunting Retriever Club — Bridgeport, NE

   Finished up Deke's Seasoned Hunting Retriever Title this weekend.  The hunt test grounds were fantastic and very challenging. I would like to thank the Clarke Ranch in Bridgeport, Nebraska owned and operated by the Riggs family for their hospitality in allowing the club permission in the use of the grounds. The judges brought out some very technical hunting setups that tested the dogs memory, steadiness and hunt savviness.  Like always Deke showed GREAT DRIVE!!!!!!! We went 4 for 4 in his Seasoned title chase.  From here we will tackle the next level--Finished or Hunting Retrever Champion Title (HRCH)

   See the photos here.

June 8 & 9, 2008
Hidden Pines Hunter Retriever Club — Cheyenne, WY

   Ran our first HRC test. Was very impressed with the organization, the people and the overall test. We drove down planning to watch Saturday and possibly run Sunday. Due to some peer pressure we went ahead and signed up to run Seasoned both days. We're glad we did because we qualified “passed” both days. He needs 2 more passes and he will title out of the Seasoned division. Hopefully that will happen in Bridgeport, NE June 21 & 22.

   See the photos here.


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